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Birds of Paradis by Trovata

Trovata is a California luxury brand that is an artful blend of west coast summer stories and sun faded aristocratic elegance. Staying true to the playful detailing and surf-inspired aesthetic at the heart of Trovata, designer John Whitledge launches Birds of Paradis, a women’s knitwear collection influenced each season by an exotic locale and its vibrant culture. “Knitwear is a category that I strongly relate to— it gives a sense of security, a sense of time, place, and memory. Knitwear to me represents family and is one of the few items of clothing that can be handed down from generation to generation.”This fall, beautifully spun cashmere, cotton blends and hand woven knits show effortless charm through nostalgic prints, color blocks, and sun-drenched tones. Lamb and merino wool are given a wash, for a worn in feel at first touch.