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introducing irō

designed to add stories to iconic clothes

irō means color in japanese. we supply the clothing, you color it your way.

we base what we do and what we love around women. we believe in personal style. and we think fashion can be a means of communication, of involvement, of community. we’re advocates of the artistry, the craftsmanship. but above all, we believe that the conversation should be real, honest, and genuine. what we’ve realized is that women dress for themselves- and that style is accumulated through a very personal experience.

so, we’d like to introduce some women who are cultivators of these beliefs. these are innovators, mothers, immigrants, locals, artists and corporate climbers. women wear hats, we’re not one size fits all, we’re everything and anything, diversity is our common denominator. we believe in the depth that intertwines the female experience. and we want to share. welcome to irō.