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Madeworn The Rolling Stones

Madeworn The Rolling Stones

$ 165.00

Everyone says or tries to claim it, but “Madeworn Rock” is not your average vintage rock tee, this is the HOLY grail of tees. Designed by Blaine Halvorson in Los Angeles, and made with pure cotton from Memphis, TN. Blaine spent countless months traveling the world to find the original looms from the 1950’s that where used to develop tees, which he was finally able to source in Japan. Each tee goes through hours of individual work, from hand sanding, washing in pumice stones (just like denim) and they even mastered their own ink, to give the authentic vintage appeal like old lead prints.

Paired with Black Crane Slit Wide Culotte and Giles & Brother Cortina Cuff

Fabric 100% Cotton

Color Dirty White 

Model is 5'4" wearing XS

Machine wash on delicate. We recommend putting it in a small laundry bag. Lay flat to dry.

Made in USA

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