Iconic Women: Dixie Rose

Iconic Women: Dixie Rose

We Are Iconic is very excited to introduce to you our next Iconic Woman, Dixie Rose. She is a mother, businesswoman, and creative making a positive impact. As the owner of Coffee Shop ARVO, we knew Dixie was an amazing woman in our community to highlight. With her colorful style and sweet personality, Dixie shares below a little insight to her life and her work while styling her favorite pieces from our latest Spring/Summer Collections. As she styled the pieces, we chatted with her about her current projects as well as her recent dive into running a marathon for the non-profit Every Mother Counts. Welcome Dixie.


Dixie, please give us a little intro about yourself? 

I'm a mama firstly, and I guess I wear many hats and lucky to be doing what I absolutely love every day. 


Tell us about your style and what influences it? Where do you get your inspiration from on how you dress?

    I have found lately in dressing that you need to dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident.  Because I'm always in a hurry, my staple sunnies, hats, and shoes kind of forgive whatever I have going - whether its super causal or not.   I gather inspiration from confident women all over the world I have met but also great look books of brands or artists I look up to. 


Currently what are your favorite ways to gather inspiration, whether that’s for your business, or for a photo shoot, or in daily life?

Nature really inspires me...Colors- all colors.  I really respect trends and play into them but I know that my lifestyle needs COLOR so I am always open and seeing.


You’re a mom, a businesswoman, and a creative. How do you do it all? What is your secret to centering yourself?

That's exactly it!  I meditate when I can and really try to stay grounded. I believe in manifesting and having an attitude of gratitude and really just take all the small moments in.  Communication is key with your partner and we are always working on it. 


How did ARVO, your coffee shop, come to be?

We knew there was a gap in Hawaii for a little cafe culture that brought old and young together. Somewhere with good vibes and good coffee and healthy food.  A space landed on our laps and we took it.  We are huge believers in taking risks that count. 


You’ve created such a positive community with ARVO - How has the community impacted you? 

Thank you!  That's first and foremost why we built it. Social connections are so important and before ARVO I think we were deprived. We hear everyone, we feel included and so do they. Our staff is a huge part of our day-to-day and FAMILY. Our customers and staff have birthdays, art shows, concerts and gatherings, which we are constantly inspired by and we are in a place to spread the word. Creating this space has led us to tap into actually making more of a difference in our environment and being able to LISTEN because we are in the hub. For example, we are having a garage sale at Lana Lane June 15th , everything under $10 dollars to benefit the artists and the foundation.  Please come! 


You recently ran a marathon partnering with Citizens of Humanity and Anthropologie to raise awareness for the non-profit Every Mother Counts. They are dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. This is such an incredible organization and it’s awesome you ran a marathon supporting them. How did you get involved? 

It was the best thing I've ever done besides giving birth!  And ironic because I ran it with 3 hours of sleep thinking come on, you gave birth twice, you can do anything!  It worked.  Truthfully, I would not have done it for any other cause.  This just spoke to my heart and I spent some time educating myself on the issue and what blew my mind was that it is prevalent in the US right now - not just in third world countries due to our backwards healthcare. And now with the abortion ban, well we are just getting started!  I loved the relevant meaning behind running to support maternal health being that some mothers walk 26 miles and often in labor to get essential maternal care. That was enough fuel for me to get my ass up putting on my first pair of sneakers (real ones not fashion) since HIGHSCHOOL.  This all came to me because I partnered with Anthro for content prior to this and always-enjoyed working with them.  When Citizens and Anthro got together to support EMC in the Big Sur Marathon, the moms in their companies thought of me and I can't tell you how honored I am. Instagram can be noisy and full of rivalry and inauthenticity but when things like this cause tie us together, I really am just so grateful that it doesn't go unnoticed.  

What’s your definition of happiness and success?  

I've come to realize the definition of success is so skewed. Most people think MONEY immediately.  I am pretty terrible with money to be honest and I am learning.  I mean tell me, when you reach your first monetary goal like a house, a Europe trip, you replace that goal with something else and the joy is gone.  To me, success is being confident in your own skin every day knowing you made a positive impact somehow I know I can sleep better.


Thank you so much Dixie! You can check out more about Dixie and her creative endeavors on her Instagram - @dixie_rose 




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