About us

In May of 2006, Shie set out to start building her dream of opening an online boutique in Santa Barbara, Ca. She planned on doing this by gathering designer clothing from all over the world.
Shie had the pleasure of traveling all over the world growing up, and later gained the chance to live in Southern California. After 10 years and relocating back to her roots in Tokyo for a few years she decided it was time for her master plan of opening her WE ARE ICONIC store in Honolulu, Hi in December 2013. 
Through all this time she had polished her sense of style, and knew exactly what she wanted to do. She started buying designers from Los Angeles, New York, and Europe. She feels that with her unique selection and eye for one of a kind pieces that reflect anything from the latest trends to pieces that you will be able to wear through out the years to come. 
So the journey continues to look for fresh, edgy, simple high quality designs for fashionable women.