Lapima Eyewear is Here!

Lapima Eyewear is Here!


Lapima is a luxury eyewear brand founded by husband and wife duo Gisela and Gustavo Assis in 2016, and is now sold in many top retail stores  across the nation. Each piece is thoughtfully hand crafted by artisans using a 28 step process in their personal atelier; taking up to 40 minutes for a single step alone. Their statement glasses are inspired by vintage silhouettes infused with modern geometric lines and classic Brazilian design. Now exclusively sold here at WE ARE ICONIC Boutique in Honolulu!


The Carlota were the first frames to be released by LAPIMA and is since the only style to be released in all color ways. It features a subtle cat eye with a vintage 60's feel.

Carlota in Red Gradient

Carlota in Amber Vintage


The Tessa is an ode to the 70's with its thick square concave shape. A funky vintage look to highlight your outfit!

Tessa in Black Solid

Tessa in Areia Gradient


"The Nina is the result of long and refined work, inspired by the raw patterns and grooves of the Atlantic Forest. Its shape, angles, and surface represent the subtlety and fluidity of the landscape, in a feminine and powerful look."

Nina in Natural White Vintage

Nina in Amber Gradient


The Martin is a fuse traditional and vanguard design. The geometric outline and wide frames make for a comfortable and classic look. Representing the essence of LAPIMA.

Martin in Havana

Martin in Forest Solid

Martin in Areia Gradient


"Emboldened by the organic and sinuous lines of sand, Lapima's Madalena is a manifestation of Modern architecture. Its elliptical surface exhibits a harmonious aesthetic, a sculptural masterpiece in every detail. Resembling the cycle of sand, this design borns out raw Italian acetate to become spectacle eyewear."

Madalena in Natural White Vintage

Madalena in Amber Gradient


The Lisa is a modern and artistic alternative to the classic square framed glasses. The heavy lines make this a stunning and bold statement piece while keeping a classic shape. 

Lisa in Tropical Caramel

Lisa in Natural Black Vintage

Lisa in Forest Solid


The Catarina is a blend of sensations and geometry. Marked by sharp lines and a square shape as well as mixing a modern feel with a 1960's attitude. A brave and unique addition to any outfit. 

Catarina in Olivia Solid

Catarina in Tropical Caramel.

Catarina in Indigo Sunrise

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